Stanford University, June 9, 2010

IJ-7 The Seventh Conference on Innovation Journalism is a venue for researchers from many disciplines and institutions to present work and ideas relating to the interplay of journalism and other forms of communication in innovation ecosystems.

IJ-7 is also a meeting place for researchers and journalism professionals to discuss the best ways of covering innovation in the news, the business of doing that work, and how innovation journalism interacts with society. The conference welcomes a varied set of participants: Working journalists, policy-makers in journalism and innovation, academic researchers, faculty and research students in related areas of commerce, communication and journalism, and other professionals connected to the media industry.

The Conference is hosted at Stanford University under the auspices of the Stanford Research Center of Innovation Journalism. The Innovation Journalism Center welcomes faculty and graduate student submissions on all topics related to communication and innovation. The Program Committee specifically welcomes strong theoretical and empirical contributions without regard to particular methodological approach, professional context (including journalism, advertising, public relations, strategy and innovation, and the standard social science disciplines) and overall orientation of the research (theoretical, descriptive, philosophical, pedagogical, methodological or practical).

“The Prinjos” –The Prizes for Best Innovation Journalism Paper
The best papers in each of the following three categories will receive a recognition for “Best Paper at the Innovation Journalism Conference at Stanford 2010”:

1. The Grand Prinjo: best conference paper among all submissions.
2. The Junior Prinjo: best paper submitted by graduate students.
3. The Journalist Prinjo: best paper submitted by practitioners.

Program Committee
  • IJ-7 Chair: David Nordfors, Executive Director, VINNOVA-Stanford Research Center of Innovation Journalism.
  • IJ-7 Academic Track Chair: Kirsten Mogensen, Visiting InJo Researcher, Stanford University and Associate Professor, Roskilde University.
  • Turo Uskali, University of Jyväskylä, Finland and Senior Research Scholar. VINNOVA Stanford Center.
  • Marc Ventresca, University Lecturer in Strategy, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford; Senior Research Scholar, VINNOVA Stanford Center; and Research Faculty, Global Public Policy, Naval Postgraduate School
  • Bettina Maisch, Doctoral Student at Institute for Media and Communication Management at University of St.Gallen and Visiting Researcher, Center for Design Research at Stanford University

Program Committee Contact:
Professor Kirsten Mogensen: kirstenm (at-sign) stanford.edu
Visiting Innovation Journalism Researcher
Stanford Research Center of Innovation Journalism, Stanford University.