The IJ-7 Academic Track discusses the following main themes:
  1. How journalism and innovation interact.
  2. How journalism can cover innovation processes and innovation ecosystems.
  3. Towards a systems view: Public attention and attention work in innovation communication ecosystems, the stakeholders and audiences, and the interaction between these elements.
 Examples of research topics of interest:
  • Professional norms, values, codes of ethics and principles of innovation journalism.
  •  How newsrooms and other professional organizations affect the coverage of innovation.
  • Democracy and governance: The role of journalism in the innovation economy.
  • Concept of attention work, the professional generation and brokering of attention.
  • Concept of innovation communication systems; the flow of attention in innovation systems.
  • How innovation processes and innovation ecosystems interact with public attention, with news media as an actor.
  • Interdependencies between journalism and other actors in the innovation system.
  • The roles of reputation and trust in the innovation ecosystem.
  • Business Models for innovation journalism.
  • Models of innovation and media, including firm, industry and economy-wide innovation systems.
  • Governance, accountability and innovation in and by journalists and media actors.
  • State of the art as well as theory and practice in the teaching of innovation journalism.
  • Innovation journalism and feminism.